The Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2017 will take place at the Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, on June 19-21, 2017. This 28th event continues the series of highly successful Eurographics Symposia and Workshops on rendering.

We are soliciting contributions to two different tracks: the “Experimental Ideas & Implementations” (EI & I) track for papers that will be presented at the conference only, and the “CGF” track for papers that will also appear in the Computer Graphics Forum journal, in addition to being presented at the conference. Authors will have the choice of submitting their work to be considered for the CGF track, the EI & I track, or both tracks.

The CGF submission track continues the tradition of disseminating the state-of-the-art scientific results in rendering and related fields. Accepted papers in this track will be published in an issue of Computer Graphics Forum after a full journal-style peer review, including a rebuttal and a second review cycle.

The objective of the “Experimental Ideas & Implementations” conference-papers track is to solicit submissions that introduce exciting new ideas that have not yet been validated according to the high academic standard of the CGF track, or that describe interesting implementation issues for known algorithms in industry-scale uses. For EI & I submissions, the requirements on comparisons to related work, citations, and quality of results are relaxed. Instead, the review process gives more weight to criteria such as whether the idea is stimulating and interesting, or whether it would spark discussion and give valuable insights to the rendering community. Papers in this track will undergo full double-blind peer review, and will be published in the EGSR conference proceedings series and in the Eurographics Digital Library, but not the CGF journal. There is neither a rebuttal nor a second review cycle, however. As is common for conference papers, authors have the opportunity to build upon their work, add comparisons and validation, and submit to a journal later. Please see below for FAQ regarding the EI & I track.

For both tracks, we are looking for work that shapes the future of rendering and related fields. In particular, we encourage submissions in the related topics of appearance modeling, virtual/augmented reality, computational displays, fabrication, and hardware architectures.

Neither track imposes a fixed maximum paper length. However, submissions over 12 pages in length will be treated as exceptional cases, and length must be proportional to contribution.

If a paper is submitted to both tracks, the paper will initially be reviewed using the CGF process, and reviewers will be unaware of the dual-track submission. If such a paper is rejected from the CGF track, it will then undergo an accelerated EI & I review.

Core conference topics include (but are not limited to):

We hope to see you and your work in Helsinki!

Matthias Zwicker
Pedro Sander
EGSR 2017 papers chairs